Transition – A thrilling story of adulthood, is a wholesome experience of laughter, poetry, stories and nostalgia. Due to the unique challenge(s) everyone faces in life, we tend to think our situation is different from that of others, especially in a society as diverse as Nigeria. However, our stories are all linked.

Chukwuka tells the story of the various stages a child born in Nigeria goes through on his journey to adulthood, the hopes and the shattered dreams, the thrills of finding love, and the pains of heartbreak. He shows the various pressure an adult has to struggle with; bills, heartbreak, the pressure the society puts on you, and frustrations of hurt and grief. But also inspires a hope and faith that says, ‘It can be done’.

In his words, “This show takes you back to that time when life was simpler. When 50 kobo could buy you kwilikwi, and when Facebook was not an app on your phone, but the birthdays in your home. Yes, it takes you back to those days of Papa Ajasco, Fuji House of Commotion, Super Story, and the ever mesmerizing tales by moonlight. Then it takes you straight to the days in secondary school and those seniors that made sure you saw ‘nwiii’, and to the struggles of becoming who you’ve ever dreamt of being after University. It’s a story of love, faith, and purpose. You see, for the journey you take in life, is not too different from mine. We are all similar. I tell you, we all share the same stories. This production explores our shared humanity.”