Turning Ideas Into Experiences, and Experiences Into Lasting Memories

I craft digital and live experiences that create lasting impact.


I'm Chukwuka

Chukwuka brings more than 10 years of experience in digital project management and creative leadership – along with a passion for teaching, storytelling and community-building – to his work as a founder and creative director. He’s the author of Impossible Dreams, and host of The Yolar Podcast.
He has an ‘US’ approach towards project management, or as he prefers to call it, ‘stewardship’. ‘US’ is an acronym he coined for (U)sability and (S)ustainability. He believes every product or project must be user-centric, while also being financially sustainable in the long run for the business and client. Having founded a number of startups himself, he draws on his wealth of expertise and experience to help clients and businesses solve complex challenges in product while leading people, directing projects and programs, creating processes, and managing platforms. His goal is to turn ideas into experiences, and experiences into lasting memories.

crafting Digital Expereinces

Chukwuka is the Founder and Editorial Director at Yolar Discovery, where he led a creative team that built platforms such as Yolar Magazine and the Yolar Podcast; built the fastest growing community of adventurous creatives called Yolar Tribe; and hosted the Dare Challenge Campaign – a digital bi-anual 30-day motivation campaign with participants from across 4 continents. He also served as the founder and Creative Director of Primedux where he worked on a variety of products and projects, ranging from enterprise website redesigns, digital marketing campaigns, and live immersive art shows and experiences, with a variety of clients including Simply Poetry Ltd, DIFF Medical Centre, and more.

Designing Learning Experiences

At the background to all this, he became more interested in education, and founded Leumy – an online learning platform for creatives, where he continues to teach and share his passion for Intentional-Design-Based living, by creating resources, videos, webinars, and more. He’s an advocate for story-based learning approach, and draws from his experiences in digital media and performative arts to inspire, challenge and transform. He is currently a lead educator at Tokki Communications, where he teaches young learners of English as a second language.

What I can do for you

Project & Product Management

More than just managing the right project, is managing a project right, and this involves more than just the PM methodology, softwares, accurate estimates and clearly written down plans, even though they are all critical to success. It’s about your people, and how you lead them to successful. I can help your organization lead. your next project to success.


Community is about togetherness, and a sense of shared purpose. It’s about turning visitors into followers, followers into fans, and fans into family. 

Whether you want to build a stronger internal team, or create a tribe of people that GET YOU and your product, I can help you create support initiatives, virtual and physical events and more.

Teaching and Training

Learning. This is how we grow. This is how organizations grow. 

I can help create personalized training sessions to orient and educate your teams on important subjects to ensure the smooth operation of your projects and teams.

More Than Just 'Projects'

In 2018, he founded Umuahia Literary Society as a way of promoting the arts in the town he was born in. Chukwuka, from when he was a child has been fascinated by stories, and how they impact lives and destinies, and for over 8 years, he has stood on the biggest stages in the country performing poetry in sought-after shows such as MadeInNigeria and Let’s Be Honest. In 2021, he created ‘Transition’ – his one-man poetry show that went on tour across 3 cities in Nigeria. He’s had the privilege to speak at various events, and has written widely in various websites and publications. He has written two books and produced two short films.

Why Stories?

Stories have the power to transform. For We’re all product of stories, and not just the ones we’re told, but especially the ones we tell our selves. This is what informs our decisions to act, to buy, to click, and to engage with whatever aligns with the stories we believe. He speaks and teaches about

Instant Dream Activation Manual

Impossible Dreams

Every now and then, there is a book that comes along and changes your life, and this could be that book! It gives you a 30-day window to do something, now! 

fun, inspiring, and captivating

Get Inspired with an in-demand poetry for stage show, Transition

We took it on tour across 3 cities in Nigeria, and this riveting story of adulthood may be coming to a city near you.

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